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Eighth Grade Recognition Night Information

Dear Grade 8 Families,

This has been quite a year and it has saddened me that our time with your child has been cut short due to the school closures.  I am communicating with you today to provide you with the details of how we will be doing our recognition night this year.  This has been a difficult process as we have had to make many adjustments to meet the safety guidance from the Department of Education.  I had thought that we would have to cancel the event,  but we have been able to plan a safe event within the state requirements.  We ask families and students to follow our guidelines to ensure that we have a smooth and safe event where all can feel comfortable.

We will be conducting our recognition night by team on June 9th.  Team Dirigo will start at 5:30PM and Team Boothbay will begin at 7:30PM.  The event will be streamed online and we have set up high speed access points in the student parking lot at Messalonskee High School so that families can watch the event from their cars on their personal devices.  We ask that all families and students remain in their cars until they are ushered to the Performing Arts Center (PAC). Below is the process we will use.  There will be staff to help you on each step of the process.

  • Each student and their family will park in the designated parking spot and should arrive no later than 10 minutes before the start of the event to ensure that we can begin on time.

  • Students will be ushered from their parking spaces in groups of 7.  They will move to a staging area to enter the PAC with their 4 family members.

  • Families will enter through the side entrance. Students will enter the rear entrance.

  • Families will be brought into the PAC and stationed at socially distanced locations.

  • Students will enter directly on stage and pick up a gift bag that contains their certificates.  They will pause as a statement is read and parents can take photographs.

  • The student will exit the stage to meet their family and return to their car.  As one family exits the PAC the next will enter.

  • All students will be provided with a mask to wear when they are in line to enter the PAC but will be able to take it off when they have their photo taken.

  • Families should wear masks when they line up to enter the PAC and while they are in the facility.

  •  Once families return to their cars they can stay to watch the reminder of the event or they can head home.

We know every family is different, but we have to limit the number of family members to 4 per student for this event. This is to maintain the number of people in a group to below 50 to meet the requirements of the CDC. We will be assigning one parking spot for each student.  We recognize that some family dynamics may require a second car.  Please call the office by the end of the day Tuesday, June 2nd if you require a second spot.   We will send home a letter with details and the parking spot you have been assigned on June3rd.  We recommend that you check the school parking lot when you receive the letter so that you know where your spot is located.

I am looking forward to seeing all of the MMS 8th grade students walk across the stage and receive their certificate.  I want to thank you all for your understanding and patience in this unusual situation.


Mark Hatch

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