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JMG comes to MMS

Written by Dillon Clark

This year, Messalonskee Middle School is happy to be introducing JMG into the school.  JMG programs are in 100 schools all over the state, serving thousands of students. In the middle school, JMG will help students develop skills in communication, teamwork, leadership, self-confidence, organization and more.

At MMS we will be offering JMG to every incoming 6th grader as part of our Unified Arts rotation; this will be a great support for our students as they transition from elementary school into middle school.  Some of these 6th-grade students will continue on with the program into the 7th and 8th grades where they will get more in-depth exposure to JMG and further build upon the skills mentioned earlier. Students will learn through unique field trips, participation in engaging activities within the classroom, and instruction from our skilled JMG specialist, Myranda Knight, who will be running the MMS JMG program.

“Our JMG teachers build outstanding connections with students, help students connect with peers and staff, and provide them support in post-secondary planning,” said Superintendent Carl Gartley. “Our JMG programs at Messalonskee High School and China Middle School have been great and expanding this program to MMS is a positive step in helping us support our students. Congratulation to Mr. Hatch and his staff in making this happen.”

JMG is also a powerful program for students who are struggling with life and learning hurdles that may be social, academic, behavioral and more.  Along with this, JMG is highly successful in exposing students to work opportunities around their community.

Upon students moving to the high school, our JMG specialist will continue checking in and keeping an eye on those students for the entirety of their 9th-grade year to ensure that the transition is as smooth and successful as possible.

We are very excited to have this program in our schools and look forward to seeing the positive impact it will have on our school community.


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