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MMS Parent News!

Hello all!  It appears that the warm temperatures are finally arriving, and it is time to tackle the end of the school year.  I have been asked the same question by many of my friends and people I run into when I am out and about.  They ask me, “Are you counting down the days?”  I always answer that it is not a count down for me.  This time of year is so busy and there is so much to do that it is tough to think of it as a count down.  I also will be saying goodbye to our 8th grade class as those students become Messalonskee High School freshman.  That is always a bitter sweet time as I am happy for them because they are ready for the added freedom and responsibility, but I will miss seeing them around the school.

So as we enter the final weeks of school we want to finish strong.  Below are some of the things that you need to be aware of.  If there are questions or issues, please reach out to your child’s teachers to make sure that the year finishes on a high note.  Enjoy these last days of school and I hope that you will be able to spend some special time with your kids over the summer.

Dress Code in the Spring

Due to the weather we have been having, dress code has been discussed with students.   I wanted to give a reminder that shorts, skirts, and dresses need to come down to mid-thigh in order to meet our dress code.  If a student violates dress code, they will be pulled aside by a staff member and asked to change.  I have had some students request changes to the dress code, and I felt that some of their reasons were valid.  For that reason, I will be reviewing the dress code with my leadership team this summer to discuss changes.  If you want to see the current code in its entirety, then please click here and go to page 26 & 27.

Team Changes for Next Year!

We have a few changes that are being made for next year.  Through discussions with the leadership team and staff, we have decided to make our teams single grade teams next year.  There are many reasons for this change but some of the biggest are we feel that we will be able to address students’ needs more effectively, our enrollment allows it to happen, and we can be clearer with parents about what they can expect students will be learning each year of their middle school experience.  Next year teams Atlantic  & Kennebec will be Grade 6 teams, Pemaquid & Boothbay will be Grade 7 teams and Evergreen, Highlands and Katahdin will be 8th grade teams.  Current 7th grade students on teams Evergreen, Highlands and Katahdin will be staying on their teams next year, and current 7th graders on team Pemaquid and Boothbay will be placed on one of the 8th grade teams.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mark Hatch at

The teachers on the teams are listed below.

Atlantic – Lisa Revelo (ELA /SS), Justin Marr (SS/ELA), Jess McCaslin (Math/Science) & Kevin German (Math/Science)

Kennebec – Holly Tupper (ELA), Keith Mahoney (SS), Jane Marston (Math) & New Hire (Science)

Pemaquid – Linda Haskell (ELA), Blair Weatherbie (SS), Martha Farnham (Math) & Derek Langley (Science)

Boothbay – Erinn Michaud (ELA), Peter McLaughlin (SS), Chelsey Oliver (Math) & Krista Averill (Science)

Evergreen – April Wood (ELA), John Lisa (SS), Stephanie Gifford (Math) & Erin Overlock (Science)

Highlands – Nichole Quirion (ELA), Jamie Routhier (SS), Steve Rice (Math) & Amanda Ripa (Science).

Katahdin – Lindsay Mahoney & Hope Herrick (Both teach ELA, SS, Math & Science)


May 18
7:30AM – Team Boothbay to FunTown
May 19
7:30AM – MMS Robotic Track Meet
May 21
5:30PM – Boys Lacrosse vs. Mt. Blue
May 22
12:00PM – Early Release Day – Students dismissed at noon
3:00PM – Gr. 8 Softball vs. Lawrence
3:30PM – Gr. 7 Baseball @ Lawrence
3:30PM – Gr. 8 Baseball vs. Lawrence
3:30PM – Track @ Winslow
4:30PM – Gr. 7 Softball vs. Lawrence
May 23
6:00PM – Boys Lacrosse vs. Central Maine
May 24
7:00AM – MLTI student conference
3:00PM – Gr. 8 Softball vs. Mt. Blue
3:30PM – Gr. 7 Baseball @ Mt. Blue
3:30PM – Gr. 8 Baseball vs. Mt. Blue
4:30PM – Gr. 7 Softball vs. Mt. Blue
6:00PM – Grade 5 Parent Night
May 25
8:30AM – Team Evergreen to Flagship Cinema and Gifford’s
9:00AM – Team Pemaquid to Benton Family Fun Park
May 28
Memorial Day – No School
May 29
6:00PM – Boys Lacrosse vs Mid Maine
6:ooPM – District Budget Meeting @ MMS Cafeteria
May 30
9:00AM – Team Pemaquid to Benton Family Fun Park – Rain Date
3:30PM – Gr. 7 Softball @ Mt. View
3:30PM – Track @ Lawrence
6:00PM – Grade 5 Parent Night
May 31
8:00AM – Dental Clinic
8:30AM – MMS Grade 6 Chorus Rehearsal
12:15PM – MMS Beginning Band Rehearsal
3:30PM – Gr. 8 Baseball vs. Winslow
3:30PM – Gr. 8 Softball vs. Winslow
3:30PM – Gr. 7 Baseball @ Mt. View
7:00PM – MMS Grade 6 Chorus & Beginning Band Concert
June 01
7:45AM – MMS Student of the Month Breakfast
8:00AM – Dental Clinic
1:00PM – MMS Talent Show
6:00PM – Boys Lacrosse vs. Gardiner
June 02
10:00AM – Boys Lacrosse @ Mid Maine/Brewer
6:00PM – Grade 5 Fun Night
June 04
9:00AM – Team Katahdin to Thomas College
3:00PM – Gr. 8 Softball @ Carrabec
3:00PM – Gr. 7 Baseball vs. Madison
3:00PM – Gr. 8 Baseball @ Carrabec
3:00PM – Gr. 7 Softball vs. Madison
6:00PM – MMS Celebration of Excellence
June 05
9:00AM – MMS Chorus Rehearsal
12:15PM – MMS Band Rehearsal
3:00PM – Gr. 8 Softball @ Skowhegan
3:30PM – Gr. 8 Baseball @ Skowhegan
3:30PM – Gr. 7 Baseball vs. Skowhegan
4:30PM – Gr. 7 Softball @ Skowhegan
5:30PM – Boys Lacrosse vs. Augusta Cannons
7:00PM – MMS Concert Band and Chorus Concert
June 06
9:30AM – Team Highlands to Wild Folk Farm & Maine Academy of Science
9:45AM – Grade 6 Chorus Community Service Field Trip
11:00AM – MHS Seniors visit MMS
June 07
8:00AM – Team Atlantic Author Visit
9:30AM – Team Highlands Fieldtrip (rain date)
9:30AM – WES grade 5 step up day
2:30PM – MMS Robotics Meeting – grades 6-8
June 13
9:30AM – Belgrade Grade 5 Step Up Day
June 14
2:30PM – MMS Robotics Meeting – grades 6-8
5:30PM – Jazz in the Courtyard
June 15
9:30AM – James Bean Grade 5 Step Up Day
June 16
3:00PM – Robotics Dinner – cafeteria
June 18
11:30AM – Geometry Final
June 19
1:00PM- MMS Awards Assembly
June 21
2:30PM – MMS Robotics Meeting – grades 6-8
12:00PM – Last Day of School – Students dismissed at noon
6:00PM – Eighth Grade Recognition Night
7:30PM – Eighth Grade Celebration

Coming Events at Messalonskee Middle